Gluten free and Lactose free flour mixes – LGI

IPAM researchers and chefs have worked long and hard to develop formulas which would consent the realisation of end products with organoleptic performance and characteristics similar, as much as possible, to the conventional ones, though, maintaining accessible prices, not only for coeliacs—who benefit from monthly ministerial contributions—but, also for the “life styler” who approaches such a product by choice, looking to healthy nutrition.

The limit of gluten free products is that they are rich with starch and carbohydrates; intense, prolonged consumption can cause sugar assimilation in the blood and lead to overweight and other related pathologies, such as atherosclerosis and diabetes.

The STANDARD IPAM line has been reformulated by the addition of an ingredient that favours sugar absorbency by reducing and diluting, in time, contrasting the glycemic peak; the effect of such ingredient has been recognised by the EFSA and its functionality approved.

The range consists of two items:
Mix for pizza bread and focaccia
Mix for soft cakes and shortcrust pastry
in different formats depending on the sales channel, which can be made with a private label or as “Zibon” brand.