Our brand
"Zibon. Bontà da Zibello"

A solid background of experience and with an aim towards the future, IPAM offers the market its own trademark and, in 2017, creates two ranges of products aimed at the end customer with its “ZIBON. Bontà da Zibello” (“ZIBON. Zibello delicacies.’’) brand.

Zibon Breadcrumbs

Pangrattati CLASSICO Pangrattati BIO Pangrattati INTEGRALE Pangrattati RIPIENI Pangrattati PANATURA

The first range includes breadcrumbs in all its forms as a common denominator: from traditional to organic, to wholewheat, to specific ones for fresh pasta fillings, all the way to ready breadings for instant use with no egg-passage.

Zibon Flour mixtures

Instead, the second range consists of a newconcession of GLUTEN and LACTOSE FREE flour blends for the realisation of savoury products, such as fresh egg pasta, as well as, bread, pizza and focaccia; and, soft or shortcrust pastries. This range of products is, in turn, divided into specific innovative segments: ORGANIC and LOW GLYCAEMIC INDEX.This range of products is, in turn, divided into specific innovative segments:  ORGANIC and LOW GLYCAEMIC INDEX.

(Our products DO NOT contain palm oil, lactose or derivatives, animal fat, GMOs.)