Manufacturing site

Ipam’s manufacturing site expands over an area of 30.000 m2, 12,500 m2 of which is indoors: it’s divided into three production areas each with their pertaining outbuildings for packaging and storing. 

Conventional Breadcrumbs

The first area is completely dedicated to breadcrumbs, the company’s historical product. It’s comprised of three traditional product lines, where Italian flour of the highest quality, through automated processes, is transformed into small buns that are baked and, then, grated, along with two new-generation extruders dedicated to innovative products, characterised by their extraordinary crunchiness and crumbliness (crispy, panko, etc.).

Conventional Ingredients and Mixtures

In a second area, made up of various blenders subdivided by ingredients and possible processed allergens, complex culinary compositions are concocted for the realisation of unconventional breading (with seeds, herbs, spices, etc.), ready-made ingredients such as marinade, seasonings, sauces, etc. and, in addition, technological products such as microencapsulations and cores for fillings.

Gluten Free

Recently, an area of 2.500 m2 entirely devoted to the production and packaging of gluten free products has been realised. This production comprehends breadcrumbs and breadings, flours mix for sweets and savouries, creams, desserts and other gluten-free blends.

Completing each area’s structure is a packaging section with varying forms adapted to each sales channel (B2B, HO.RE.CA and B2C) and the storages and warehouses for the raw materials and final products.