Research and development

Because of its history and location, IPAM founds its roots on great Italian culinary traditions, but also, projecting unto its referent, being the industry, the business operator or the final customer, such attention and service so as to meet everyone’s needs together with the most modern requests; and, it’s for this reason that it has invested and continues to invest in relative economic and human resources for the development of functional ingredients.

The role and framework of the R&D have been enhanced and modernised with the help of the most innovative technologies and important connections have been established both with universities and suppliers for the purpose of accelerating formulative capacity and productive technological innovation and to generate and offer products on the market which are significant competitive advantages as far as quality and prices are concerned.

  • tradition
  • creativity
  • innovation


Italian excellence

There are three main areas:  taste, health and quality—these are, moreover, the founding pillars of Italian and, specifically, Mediterranean nutrition.

For good dishes to be prepared, first-choice healthy ingredients are necessary resulting in a rigid selection and control of raw materials, the search for the ideal recipe and avant-garde technological processes that reassure such quality, standardisation and competitive costs.

What’s more, IPAM’s R&D has scientific profiles within, in addition to operators and cooks who, closely integrated, contribute to achieving proposed objectives and, on one side, to the client’s success, on the other, to the end customer’s gratification.