GF Flour Mixes – Organic

Organic, Gluten Free

An ORGANIC mix of pre-made flour GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE for conceiving sweet and savoury end-products.

Our researchers and chefs at IPAM have worked long and hard to develop formulas which would consent the realisation of end products with organoleptic performance and characteristics similar, as much as possible, to the conventional ones, though, maintaining accessible prices, not only for coeliacs—who benefit from monthly ministerial contributions—but, also for the “life styler” who approaches such a product by choice, looking to healthy nutrition.

The line is made up of specific mixes for:

  • Bread, pizza and focaccia
  • Soft pastry and shortcrust
  • Fresh egg pasta

available in bags of 500g or 1kg.

Available as private label of the large-scale retailing or as ‘’Zibon’’ brand

Our products DO NOT contain palm oil, lactose or derivatives, animal fat, GMOs.

Sales Sizes

Bags 500g

Bags 1kg

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