Zibon Branded

Low Glycemic Index, Organic, Gluten Free

‘’ZIBON. Bontà da Zibello’’ (delicacies from Zibello) is the IPAM trademark with which it presents itself to the Business to Consumer/Retail channels of the market.

The production line containing a mix of flour GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE has been created with the intention to offer ready mixes to the market that are focused on producing end products with organoleptic performance and characteristics (flavour, leavening, baking, etc.), similar, as much as possible, to the conventional ones and not solely focused on coeliacs, but, also for those who look to a healthy diet.

The line is made up of specific mixes for:

  • Bread, pizza and focaccia
  • Soft pastry and shortcrust

500g bags, in three different variations: STANDARD, ORGANIC and “LOW GLYCAEMIC INDEX”.

The last category represents, we believe, the next evolution on the market: gluten free products, in fact, are rich with starch and carbohydrates and intense, prolonged consumption can cause sugar assimilation in the blood.

The STANDARD IPAM line has been reformulated by the addition of an ingredient that favours sugar absorbency by reducing and diluting, in time, contrasting the glycaemic peak; the effect of such ingredient has been recognised by the EFSA and its functionality approved.

(Our products DO NOT contain palm oil, lactose or derivatives, animal fat, GMOs.)

The Zibon line

Bread mix – STANDARD

Bread mix – ORGANIC

Bread mix – LGI

Pastry mix – STANDARD

Pastry mix – ORGANIC

Pastry mix – LGI

Sales Sizes

Bags 500g

Bags 1kg

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