Breadcrumbs for Breading & Coating

Organic, Gluten Free

Obtained from special made buns, using first-choice certified Italian flour, this historical product is our company’s  pillar of excellence that has evolved through the years thanks to a radical expansion in assortment and continued technological advancement of the industrial site.

With specific variations according to use, IPAM’s grated bread is high performing and has enabled the company to assert itself as leaders in Business to Business marketing, by virtue of strongly ensured partnerships with other leading companies, local and foreign, in the breading and pasta-filling industry.

The breadcrumb line for breading is designed for maximum performance in the preparation phase and for adding crispiness and reducing greasiness in the frying phase—available on request and, as thus, customisable:

  • structure: the CRISPY variation for more flaky breadings and the CRUNCHY variation for crunchier breadings
  • colour: varies with baking degree and potential supplements of paprika and turmeric
  • granulometry: from 710 micron to 3.360 micron

On request also gluten free and/or organic.

Scala Granulometria

Scala Colore

Sales Sizes

Bags from 10 to 25 kg

Big Bags from 600 to 800 kg


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